1: How would you rate your organisation's current value-creation execution capability?

2: Does your organisation have a formal structure to manage the execution of the 100 day plan?

3: Are your VCP strategic priorities clear to the Board & Exec team & shared across the organisation?

4: Do you link achievement of KPIs & initiatives to personal evaluation/variable compensation?

5: Which of the following best characterises your strategy definition/redefinition process?

6: Does your VCP contain initiatives & actions prioritised & linked to objectives & KPIs?

7: In your organisation, do you assign clear ownership for all objectives, KPIs & initiatives?

8: Do personal objectives link directly with the company's strategy? Are you able to update & track progress?

9: Does your VCP have financial & also operational KPIs to track & achieve?

10: How does your VCP & Strategy react to unforeseen changes?

11: Which of the following best characterises your company's reporting capability for your Board/investors?